Learning German with ARD subtitles


Untertitel bei der "tagesschau"
Untertitel bei der "tagesschau" | Bild: ARD-Text

You are new in Germany and certainly have many questions. In order to be able to communicate in your everyday life, to meet new people and to find an apartment or a job, it is vital for you to learn German quickly. There are many possibilities.

The subtitles in the ARD television channels help with learning the German language. Linguists found out, that subtitled films (in the original language) can enhance the listening comprehension of foreign languages. Additionally, the spelling of already learnt words can be reviewed and consolidated by reading subtitles. Therefore, subtitles are a great service, not only for the deaf and hearing-impaired, but also for anyone who wants to learn German.

Collage Sender-Logos
Diese Sender haben sich auf Untertitel-Standards geeinigt | Bild: ARD

The ARD is a group of nine public service broadcasters. Many programmes in the ARD’s First channel, the Third channels and digital and special interest channels have subtitles. You receive these digitally and on teletext page 150.

Have a look at the ARD subtitles. There are programmes for adults, adolescents and children. You can turn on the subtitles for the current TV schedule or retrieve many shows from the media libraries in the internet and activate the subtitles.

Have fun – also while learning German.

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